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5 Reasons Why ATS and Email Integration is a Must

| By Andy Wigderson

Email Integration

Communication is central to the recruitment cycle. An ATS integrated with email helps you respond faster to clients and candidates, capture and organise critical details, and collaborate and share in brand new ways. In fact, it enables a new way of working, giving you an edge when you communicate both outside and inside your organisation.  Let’s look at the top benefits of ATS and Email integration: 

Get critical information straight from your inbox

With ATS and email integration, you can view and access information about clients, candidates, and contacts directly from your inbox. You’ll watch information flow and sync like magic, allowing you to edit on the fly, stopping you from bouncing between systems. Productivity will skyrocket because everything you need is in one place.

Track all emails

Integration allows you to track all candidate and client emails automatically. No backtracking. No extra clicks. Just forward movement. You’ll be able to see all of the emails from one contact, then filter those emails too see them in order, as one project, however you choose. You’ll feel organised. You’ll work full speed ahead.

Create candidates, jobs, tasks, and more


After receiving an email from someone new, quickly add as a contact or candidate directly from Outlook or Gmail. Say a client sends you a job order in an email. Now you can finish the job right in your inbox. Say you want to parse some resumes or add some notes. Easy. All from your inbox. Any new task you create flows right into the ATS.  

Easy internal communication

Need support for enterprise collaboration tools? Want to chat with your team about a contact or candidate? No problem. TargetRecruit’s Email Connector gets everybody on the same page, helping your team get work done faster than ever before. Let technology drive teamwork. These are the kinds of enterprise-grade tools that help navigate projects, track actions and events, and maximise opportunities. 

Work from any device


Employees to clients to suppliers, everyone wants to be mobile. Without any additional plugins, ATS and email integration allows anyone touching your business to work from any computer or mobile device. Today’s candidate wants to engage, connect, and communicate from a phone, wherever they are. 

Email is still the preferred communication channel for recruiting firms, which makes email integration a must-have ATS feature. So what happens when you combine TargetRecruit with Outlook or Gmail? Valuable data flows through email. Workflows accelerate. You build a culture of collaboration. You get everything: contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities and tasks – in your inbox. Ever wanted your email to do more? 

TargetRecruit Email Connector integrates your software solution with Outlook or Gmail, unleashing the real power of communication across your entire recruiting organisation. The integration is seamless and transparent. Overnight you’ll have people and jobs and tasks all in one place, all at your fingertips. Your email inbox will transform into a single workflow of speed and agility and intelligence. And success, mainly success. 

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