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Change The Way You Recruit With Salesforce Lightning By TargetRecruit

| By Andy Wigderson

Recruit with salesforce by TargetRecruit

This is a big month for TargetRecruit. We are launching Lightning, a brand new user interface making your software interactions faster, dynamic, and much easier to use. Built by Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform, the Lightning UI dramatically changes the way you sell and recruit with Salesforce, by accelerating customer relationships with innovative features and powerful integrations.

Lightning ushers in a new era for existing Salesforce users, and those waiting for a compelling reason to join a rapidly growing user base. Salesforce reports employees will save up to 10 hours a week using Lighting, and customisations take 25% less time.

With TargetRecruit and Lightning, your recruiting software will get a more modern look and feel. Hiring will take huge leaps in productivity and performance because all of your moves will be more fluid and intuitive – Lightning was designed around the work you need to do.


TargetRecruit is a highly customisable Applicant Tracking System (ATS), catering to the growing demands of recruiting firms, with built-in features for back office and portals. The solution is fully integrated with Salesforce and is now available with the Lightning UI.

As technologists, we love the fresh aesthetics and new capabilities Lightning gives us to make better software. But the real winners are TargetRecruit users. Here’s why we think you’ll love it too.

Powerfully Equipped

TargetRecruit’s Applicant Tracking System navigates a large pool of candidates, selects candidates with the right skills, and helps identify the perfect person for the job. Lightning speeds the process.

Lightning users will enjoy a state-of-the-art experience with flexible layouts and visual displays of information. Better use of screen space will open your eyes to new opportunities. Use the Kanban view and see all of your records at once. This isn’t just about more fonts and brighter colours, the Lightning UI taps into your senses, allowing you to see your clients and candidates like never before.

Together with Lightning, TargetRecruit now presents candidates with more focus and clarity. And recruiters can schedule interviews, communicate with candidates, and manage the job lifecycle much easier with Lightning because the all-new UI puts everything on one screen, allowing you to adapt quickly to anything your workflow throws at you.

One Platform for Everything

TargetRecruit integrates sourcing, email, social, portals, back office, vendor management, and more across a single platform. The new Lightning UI gives you a complete picture of it all. Even better, you can drop and drag your way through it all. You’ll always know what happened, and what to do next. And with responsive design, the Lightning user experience is the same across any device.

Dynamic Data

With Lightning, customer interactions deliver visual feedback in the blink of an eye. Now you can make changes and watch your screen update instantly. So when you change a number, the screen updates any charts or totals while you work – no more refreshing pages to update information. Planning ahead, you can easily manage your workflows in sequence and stay on track with each process. Lightning UI allows you to complete a lot more work in a lot less time and achieve more with each click.

We are really excited to launch the new Salesforce user interface. Lightning UI takes the user experience to a different level. Now, the TargetRecruit ATS is an even more productive place, day after day. A place where you can aggregate complex data and make faster decisions. A place where you can scale and customise, and ultimately extend the reach and power of your recruiting business.

Read more about Kanban – a cool feature of Lightning in TargetRecruit.

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