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Improve the Efficiency of Remote Working with a True Cloud-based ATS

| By Andy Wigderson

cloud-based ats for remote work

Even though global economies are opening up slowly, we all know that remote working or the virtual office is not going anywhere. Some staffing firms are opening (or planning to open) their physical office spaces soon, while others continue to work from home and have no plans of opening up anytime soon. However, learning from the pandemic, we all need a more flexible workforce for the future. 

While a 100% virtual workforce has its challenges as of now, we need our teams enabled for a remote working environment for the foreseeable future.

The staffing industry is geared up to play a crucial role in re-opening the economies. With the US, the UK, and many other countries facing the highest unemployment ever, recruiters will play a critical role in helping people get back to work.

This is the time for staffing firms to make a difference and a cloud-based applicant tracking software can help elevate the profile of your firm and ensure that your recruiters are efficient while working remotely.

Here is how a cloud-based, online applicant tracking system can boost the efficiency of remote work:

Data literacy and Access

The staffing industry has always been using data to make decisions but with this new uncertainty, recruiters need to understand data even more: patterns, outliers, emerging skills, etc. The amount of information that a recruiter needs to work effectively cannot possibly be interpreted by individuals alone. ATS solutions are equipped with reporting suites and analytics for recruiters to become more data literate and make informed decisions. One can debate that I can have data analytics even in an on-premise ATS. But a cloud-based ATS will ensure that recruiters can access information from anywhere, making it apt for remote working as well.

Video Interviewing

With staffing firms considering their working policies in the future, traditional interviewing is going to be disrupted for sure. Video interviewing has already made its entry into the recruitment process, and tools that support it are going to be in demand from now on. Experts believe that virtual recruitment will become an additional filter before the final interview even after the pandemic is over. This will help to save time and effort that the entire interviewing process requires.

More innovation in the interviewing space is on its way as recruiters are looking for ways to find the best talent for their clients in the shortest time possible.

Paperless Onboarding

We have been talking about paperless onboarding for a long time now and have all the technology to enable it, yet many organisations are still doing things the manual way- getting documents signed, verified, submitted, and more. It’s time to do all of that document management online: get your candidates to submit their documents in a self-service portal, make sure they can e-sign documents using an eSignature tool, get their credentials verified against online databases and have all your candidates on-boarded without physical intervention.

Increased Collaboration

If your team is planning to work remotely than they need a collaboration tool. A collaboration tool is not just a messaging app, rather a way to work securely with each other, network, share files, status updates, etc. A great example of a collaboration tool is Salesforce Chatter. It is revolutionising organisational collaboration and allows employees to work seamlessly with each other on every task. ATS solutions that have in-built collaboration tools or integrate with collaboration tools have clear advantages because recruiters can easily chat about candidates, clients, positions, job order, post announcements, and even work in smaller groups for more privacy- all of this in real-time and within the main ATS, ensuring vital information is not lost in external email applications.


A cloud-based, online ATS has never been this important for staffing firms to keep employees, clients and candidates engaged and effective while working remotely.  

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