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The Era of Recruiting Automation

| By Andy Wigderson

The Era of Recruiting Automation

Increasing demand for talent creates intense pressure on recruiting companies to constantly look for better ways to hire. Recruiting leaders agree that the most challenging part is identifying the right candidate from a large pool of candidates as quickly as possible. Many recruiting companies are currently doing this and other mundane tasks manually.

Thanks to new technologies that prove effective in streamlining some of the complex and repetitive recruiting efforts, automation helps recruiters become more efficient and increase the speed-to-hire.  A recruiting solution like TargetRecruit, built on Salesforce, enables recruiting and recruiting firms to leverage automation in hundreds of ways.

Automated Screening

Being able to automate candidate screening is powerful and can reduce costs as well as save time. Most recruiting companies have thousands of resumes in their ATS and most of these resumes stay ignored and unengaged. But with recruiting automation, this becomes easy.

How will it work?

Step 1: Use candidate scoring or matching capabilities of your ATS

ATS’ like TargetRecruit have Auto Match capabilities and can easily find suitable candidates from a pool of resumes against a job. This feature can automatically suggest candidates when a job is created, by looking at education, work experience, skill set, etc.

Step 2: Engage with matched candidates

With candidate screening automated, emails can be sent out to all the resumes selected by the ATS to engage them. Even initial screening questions can be sent out for candidates to respond.

Step 3: Select responsive candidates

Recruiting Automation can help take the candidates that respond to screening questions forward in the process. You can even set weightage to initial screening questions and those candidates who meet a minimum screening score can be pushed forward through the hiring process.


With automated screening, you can ensure that no resume in your database is ignored and there is continuous communication to candidates who apply to jobs, whether they are selected or rejected.  In part two of this blog, we will explore how interview scheduling can be automated in hiring and its key benefits.

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