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The Future of Recruiting is Here

| By Andy Wigderson

future of recruiting automation

Recently, there is a lot being talked about automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and how it is going to impact the future of recruiting. Estimates suggest that the number of jobs lost to automation in the next decade could be around 1 million just in the US. But seldom is there a discussion on the new job opportunities it will create.  Advocates of automation say that the number of positions created by these technological advancements will outweigh the number of lost jobs.

The recruiting industry is at the epicenter of the automation disruption. Many employers are using automation to speed up the recruitment process. This not only will free up the time of recruiters but will also eliminate human biases in the hiring process. 

According to a 2017 study from global recruitment firm Randstad, 91% of U.S. job applicants believed that technology has made applying to jobs easier and efficient. They even mentioned that they felt more respected and engaged in the process when they receive automated updates and emails.

Many recruiting firms are benefitting from Salesforce to find the perfect match for employers and job seekers. Salesforce workflows can be leveraged to automate almost every hiring process and achieve greater efficiency. Salesforce workflows allow you to automatically send alerts, assign leads or candidates, update data, and schedule outbound messages – all from your fingertips.

In addition to automating screening, interviewing and engagement, there are hundreds of things that can be automated by recruiting firms.

  • New Applicants: Send follow up emails to all new applicants and even update the status field from passive to active
  • Candidate Status Update: Automatically send emails to candidates as they go through the process
  • Rejection Emails:  Improve candidate experience and automatically send rejection emails to candidates with other similar jobs
  • Interview Reminders: Send email/ text reminders to candidates or hiring managers for upcoming interviews
  • Data Maintenance: Identify candidates or contacts in your ATS that don’t have phone numbers and archive them
  • Email Sequence for Leads: Build a sequence of calls/ emails for follow up with leads, which is sent over a period of time
  • Surveys:  Send out NPS surveys, feedback questionnaires, post-interview surveys to gather feedback from clients, candidates or contractors
  • Webpage View Alert: Send a notification to recruiters when a top candidate or a prospect visits the website
  • Gather Credentials: Start email sequences to candidates 30 days before the expiry date of credentials
  • Communicate with New Hires: Start sending position specific emails to new hires 7 days before their joining date
  • Send Relevant Jobs: Send emails to candidates containing jobs that match their profile
  • Add Tasks Automatically: Add a task to candidate or prospect, like automatically add a task to call the candidate 1 day after their start date to see how their day went

future of recruiting Salesforce workflow____

TargetRectuit is built on Salesforce and all of its automation tools are baked into the TargetRecruit ATS.  Increase productivity, eliminate errors and fully automate the workforce management process with TargetRecruit’s automation tools.

Download the PDF on Automation from TargetRecruit.

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