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Artificial Intelligence

Why Automation & Integration Comes Before Artificial Intelligence

| By Andy Wigderson

AI is everywhere. More and more recruiters are being enticed by the potential benefits of the technology to their businesses. But before artificial intelligence, recruitment firms need to consider the following: automation & integration.

We take a look at the key reasons why automation and integration should come before artificial intelligence.

The Right Tech Stack

Having the right tech stack in place is key, not only to successful AI deployment, but also the general management of your data. Good quality data is fundamental for your AI to perform and so having the right controls in place over the quality of your data is also key.

Why does this matter? AI is generally very linear today, and is very good and fast at doing very specific things. Generally speaking: AI today doesn’t think outside the box like a human does, and it is going to do specifically what you ask it to do. So in order to get anything meaningful from it, you need to have the right data (specifically clean data) in place to make it work correctly.

It is best practice to have good quality clean data for your AI to perform well. Therefore you need your tech stack integrated to prevent siloed data.

Quality In. Quality Out

With artificial intelligence being so reliant on good quality data, recruitment firms will need to make sure their systems have reliable and relevant data in order for AI to perform. If the system has poor and inaccurate data, any AI investment will never realise it’s true potential. So how do you make sure you only have quality data entered into your system?

Automation can help with this. For example, by removing manual data entry when it comes to your mid-office, i.e. time capture, pay & bill.

You can also incentivise recruiters to put the right data into the system in the first place. Management will need to consider how to incentivise their recruiters to put the right information into the system at the right time. If it is made to be beneficial to the recruiter, then the business will benefit as a result. Automation and integration again help here because if you have a fully integrated tech stack then the data is always within the system and not an afterthought. Streamlined processes will make it easier for recruiters as there will be less manual entry required.

Differences Between Artificial Intelligence vs Automation and Integration

The majority of artificial intelligence applications today are all about decision-based tasks and processes built off data. It’s what you are doing with that data, how you are reporting for further insight and then taking action as a result of that insight.

Automation and integration is making sure you’ve got one source of truth for your data, so whichever system you look in, the data will always be the same. Many businesses use their recruitment CRM as that one source of truth and then everything is integrated via that CRM – that’s the cornerstone to your recruitment tech stack. If you have siloed information and if you’re not yet ready to fully integrate, then you must decide what that one source of truth is in your business. However, without integrations in place, the result will be either mismatched data across systems or a requirement for the manual effort to update said systems which are both inefficient and at risk from human error.

It’s All About the Right Processes

Before you consider implementing any artificial intelligence, you need to think about the processes within your business. Consider what human intelligence sits where and what data sits where. Is data being shared across your business, among your people properly (in or out of your system)? Automation (done correctly) is a more efficient processing method than doing it manually.

If, however, you have inefficient processes in place then by automating those you’re simply scaling that inefficiency – so you need to think about those processes and how that data is being shared before you scale it.

Other Considerations in Terms of Tech Stack

When you can automate processes well, you can do more, have more coverage, operate faster and more efficiently and essentially grow your business and grow your profitability.

The most important thing for recruitment business owners and operators to consider is that whatever technology solution they are considering deploying, they should ensure it has open APIs. With open APIs, the world is your oyster – you can integrate and change them out in the future to flex with your business. If there are no open APIs and you decide that one piece of your tech stack doesn’t quite work, then you’re stuck with it.

So, if you’re considering investing in any kind of artificial intelligence in your business, make sure you get your automation and integration in place first. What matters most is the quality of your data – this should always come first.

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