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We deliver streamlined back-end processes that free you up to spend more time doing what you do best.

  • Seamless integration of time capture and authorisation based on real-time placement information
  • Secure portals for candidates and clients to add/update/approve time capture
  • Secure entry of sensitive personal information (bank/payroll details)
  • Automated capture and calculation of overtime/expenses
  • Sophisticated configuration options for state or country specific rules
  • Automated invoicing based on approved time capture
  • Full visibility (where allowed) for relevant users of hours worked/invoicing
  • Full reporting including missing timesheets
  • Integrated exports to payroll and GL solutions
middle office ATS solution for recruiters


Now a simple way to connect contractors to your clients hiring manager. The timesheet portal allows contractors to record work hours and expenses, allowing the client hiring manager to accept and pay or reject requests as necessary. All timesheet actions take place right in the portal, speeding the process and getting everyone paid on time.

  • Submit time from desktop or mobile device
  • Submit time in daily hours, time in/time out or 24-hour clock format
  • Submit expenses with images of receipts
  • Print copies of their timesheet
  • Attach/upload documents or images
  • Create daily or general comments that are tagged to call attention to your staff
  • Review all previous timesheets from their assignment
  • Save daily updates or submit for approval
Timesheet Software

Timesheet Approval

Approve and reject timesheets, including submitted expenses, quickly and easily with our Timesheet Approval Portal.

  • Single click authenticated login for easy access to the portal. No need to remember username and passwords
  • Review all timesheets and expenses submitted for approval either by contractor, project or company
  • Access all previously approved and rejected timesheets and expenses from assignments
  • Approve or reject timesheet and expense submissions with comments that notify the consultant
  • Enter timesheets and expenses on behalf of the consultant if needed
Timesheet Approval Portal

Fill Timesheet

You also have the ability to enter time on behalf of your consultants.

Timesheet Corrections

Correcting timesheets is a breeze in TargetRecruit. Simply find the timesheet and make the necessary corrections. A full audit trail is maintained. If you have already processed payroll, the system will automatically adjust the next payroll run to include the corrected timesheet. It will also update future client invoices to include the corrected amount.

Manage Missing Timesheets

Missing timesheets can be easily tracked and chased. You can send out individual or mass reminder emails to contractors.

Project Templates

Our Middle Office uses Projects and Project Templates to manage all variations of pay and bill rules. A Project is a job where a candidate is placed and a Project Template is a set of predefined tasks that can be assigned to the candidate once he is assigned to a Project. There can be multiple candidates against a project.

Building Project Templates

Templates are setup just once and can be for specific clients, position type, state rules and other criteria. Within each task type, you can define what you are going to bill for and pay for. You can configure regular and overtime hours, holiday hours, and create rounding rules.

Assigning Projects and Templates

Once you have made a placement, you simply assign a project template. Project Templates drive the pay and bill rules for Middle Office and can be assigned manually by a user or automated through workflows.

Worksite Management

A project can be associated with multiple worksites to capture information on a candidate who is working on the same project in the same role but in multiple locations. It is configurable and allows further granularity for recording time, timesheet approval, and invoicing.

Middle Office Worksite Management

Deal Sheets with Pay Packages

Speed-to-market is critical in staffing and recruiting. TargetRecruit’s Deal Sheets with Pay Packages will help your recruiters place candidates faster and more profitably. Our Deal Sheets allow recruiters to easily perform the complex mathematical calculations needed to determine rates and margin in real time.

Deal sheets with pay packages for recruiters

To help close the loop, we offer the ability to send Pay Packages. Every time a job is created, including those from your VMS, and every time an applicant is created, including those from your website, you can automatically send beautiful, customised pay package emails to your candidates based on criteria you determine.

Onboarding and Compliance Management

Your reputation hinges on trust, knowing that the candidates you place have the qualifications, accreditations and certifications they need to work effectively and safely. But acquiring this information can be a slow, expensive and laborious process. Our applicant tracking system software provides the tools to gather this information digitally from the candidate and relevant external sources seamlessly and rapidly, reducing the time and cost overhead of your onboarding process.

Onboarding and Compliance Management


TargetRecruit will take your approved timesheets that have not been processed and create a file that can be imported into your payroll provider. We can also offer this integration real-time. Files can be created in any format for integration with third party GL or payroll solutions via export or data exchange. Hours worked can also be imported from time and attendance solutions and processed in the same way as other methods. Contractors can also log hours against non-payable tasks. The hours entered against non-payable tasks will not be processed by payroll.

Bill Using Invoice Automation

Middle office service invoicing software for recruitment is a powerful tool that allows you to automatically create and send invoices, improving your cashflow and reducing accounts receivables. You can configure invoice frequency as well as invoice generation types. You can select who is to receive invoices as well as how to manage bounced emails. You can also attach timesheets, receipts and expenses to reduce queries and disputes. And of course, you can create your own custom invoice templates with complete flexibility to match your clients’ preferred invoice format.

Purchase Order Tracking

The TargetRecruit Purchase Order Tracking tool allows recruiters to track time and expenses that are billed against purchase orders they have received. You can set the budget type to be financial or hours. You can then enter the purchase order amount or budget. You can easily track bill amount, pending bill, on-hold bill and the available budget. You then have the option to transfer the timesheets from the On Hold amount to a new project.

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