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Autumn ’20 Release- Sneak Peek

We are delighted to inform you that TargetRecruit’s Autumn ’20 Release is here. This is our biggest release ever and we believe that the new features we have added will help you maximize the investment you have made into our solution.

Front Office

Quick Review

Recruiters can now quickly cycle through candidates from search results using Quick Review. You can toggle the candidate’s resume to be displayed in either a formatted view or with highlighted keywords.

We’ve repositioned the Log a Call to make it faster and more intuitive to enter a note on a candidate. Recruiters can also configure the screen “on the fly” to display pertinent information about candidates the way they want to see them.

Smart Review

Similar to Quick Review, Smart Review allows recruiters to cycle through candidates from search results but with the ability to view the entire candidate record and resume. The resume can be displayed in either a formatted view or with highlighted keywords. System admins can configure the page layout with whatever design they desire.


Hotbooks (also known as tearsheets) are static lists of candidates or contacts that can be created from any search. Hotbooks can be made private or public and can be shared and merged. Within a hotbook you can email, submit a candidate, create a job applicant, perform a boolean search plus perform additional actions.

GSA Margin Calculator

You now have the option to configure the GSA Margin Calculator in Deal Sheets to function with housing and M&I max based on the month high, low or average. Watch the video below to learn more about Deal Sheets and Pay Packages.

Candidate Resume Preview

You can now preview the resume in the candidate record without Adobe Flash Player. Once a candidate’s resume is parsed, its preview will be available in the Chatter section under the work details of the candidate profile.

Selective Source Tracking

You can now select records for source tracking. If you enable source tracking for the candidate record, then the resume source and  source record fields are updated for candidate records created.

Middle Office

Purchase Order Tracking

The TargetRecruit Purchase Order Tracking tool allows staffing companies to track time and expenses that are billed against purchase orders they have received. You can set the budget type to be financial or hours. You can then enter the purchase order amount or budget.

You can easily track bill amount, pending bill, on-hold bill and the available budget. You then have the option to transfer the timesheets from the On Hold amount to a new project. Our Purchase Order Tracking tool will help drive efficiency in your middle office.

Worksite Management

A project can now be associated with multiple worksites to capture information on a candidate who is working for the same project in the same role but in multiple locations. It is configurable and allows further granularity for recording time, timesheet approval, and invoicing.

Worksite-based Invoicing

Automated invoices can include billing details across all the worksites added under an account. With the new worksite feature, we have enabled billing for these worksites individually within our invoice automation capability.

Reviewing Expense Attachments

Approvers can now view and download the expense attachments submitted with the timesheets on the Timesheet Approval page.

Emailing Timesheet Report

This release includes a quick way to print or email timesheet reports to a customer contact. On the Timesheet Portal, a contractor can select the project, start date, end date, and a Time Card Report PDF is generated, which can be emailed or printed for signature.

Hours Threshold

We allow you to set a limit or threshold to the total number of hours that can be submitted by a contractor on a daily or weekly basis. The exceeded hours can flow into a separate task or the contractor can be prevented from entering time over the threshold hours.

Time-off Tracking

A TargetRecruit user can define the number of hours that a contractor can take for time-off in total over the project lifetime. As a contractor submits time for the time-off tasks, those hours are automatically subtracted from the total. Notification or validation to prevent a contractor from adding more than the allowed hours can be customized per each organization’s need.

Holiday Management

Now contractors don’t need to record their time for official or company specific holidays. Once an administrator defines the holiday schedules, each project can have its own unique holiday list. The holiday tasks are automatically filled in by the system on the user behalf on the timesheet.

Log Non-Payable Hours

Contractors can now log hours against non-payable tasks. The hours entered against non-payable tasks will not be processed by payroll.

Consolidated Timesheets

By enabling this feature for an account, consolidated timecards for multiple resources of that account are generated and sent in an email along with the invoice.

Password Encryption

New users of the timesheet portal have to reset their passwords before they can log in. The passwords updated are now saved in an ‘Encrypted’ form in the record under the portal information. This feature makes our portals more secure for users.

Flags on Timesheet Comments

We have added flags to our Timesheet Approval page to indicate that comments that have been entered.


Tool-tip information has been added to the portals for a better user experience. We have also updated and re-arranged the order of information within the portals to be more intuitive.



Essium is an employee onboarding software that enable staffing professionals to create unique and painless electronic onboarding experiences. Our slick integration provides a seamless recruiting cycle unifying into a single platform for all onboarding requirements.

Indeed Easy Apply

Our integration with Indeed allows candidates to apply to a job directly from Indeed. Jobs are sent from TargetRecruit to Indeed through an XML feed. The “Easy Apply” button is automatically added and when the candidates apply, their contact information and resume will be pushed directly into TargetRecruit without the need to login.


Salesbolt’s Google Chrome extension connects TargetRecruit and Linkedin. This two-way connection enables recruiters to instantly cross reference data and update and capture candidate profiles.


Sense automates, personalizes, and optimizes communications for key stages of the candidate and contractor lifecycle. Turbocharge your recruiting, marketing, and contractor care teams with the only all-in one system of engagement built for staffing.


Vitay is an automated reference checking solution that allows recruiters to get more insights into their candidates. Their cloud based mobile friendly platform for digital reference checking automates the process into just a few clicks.

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