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Winter ’22 Release

We are delighted to inform you that TargetRecruit’s Winter ’22 Release is here, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to take full advantage of our new features and innovations.

Front Office

New Features and Enhancements​

Faster, More Powerful Candidate Search

We’ve made searching for candidates easier than ever by redesigning the user interface for Candidates Search. Our advanced search options are still there, as is the ability to save searches for future use. But now you also have the ability to define “quick filters” to narrow down your search results until you find the perfect candidate(s) for your job.

Search the way you want

Control how Candidates Search works for you with a new selection of settings that customize the new Quick Filters, columns in the search results, and data fields by which you would like to further refine your results.

Quick Filters

With Quick Filters, you can choose the fields you would like to often utilize to filter through search results. Once your Quick Filters are set, all it takes to find the candidates that it your job is a click or two.


Rearrange the columns in your search results, making sure the information you need is always visible.


You can also refine your results further using distinct data from the fields, for those times when you’re looking for a candidate with very specific attributes.

Query Builder

We have also added Query Builder, a programmatic way to narrow down your Candidates database until you find the perfect fit using logical, easy-to-build queries. You can define the data that will allow a candidate to qualify for your search and that data’s relationship to each other to find candidates with the right mix of skills, backgrounds, or any other attribute.

Customize Fields in Resume Drag & Drop

You now have the ability to customize the fields that appear on your Resume Drag & Drop screen, as well as whether to make fields required on that screen. This is accomplished in Custom Settings and can help make sure your new  candidates are uploaded with the proper information.

Automatic Start Date When Extending Placement

When you click Extend Placement in a Placement record, the start date now defaults to the day after the end of the original placement.

Bug Fixes

Posting Jobs to ZipRecruiter

This update fixes a bug in which posting a job to ZipRecruiter would generate an error regarding exceeding the organization’s data limit.

View Resume for Job Applicant

The View Resume function in Job Applicant objects was not available due to abandoning support for Flash. This has been corrected.

Contract Length Rounding

The Contract Length Weeks field in Job Deal sheets no longer rounds the value.

Submit Candidate Missing Attachments

Attachments to a Job Applicant record were not being sent along with the email generated after clicking Submit Candidate. This has been corrected.

Middle Office Enhancements

Timesheet Entry Date Formats

In Timesheet Entry, Week Ranges now correspond to the date format the user specifies in their browser settings.

Timesheet Entry Time Formats

In Timesheet Entry, time tracking now supports 12-hour, 24-hour (military), and total amount formats.

Invoice Automation Pagination, Sorting, and Filters

The Invoice Automation page now provides pagination, the ability to sort columns, and the ability to filter data.

Stipend Calculation for Inactive Resources

Stipend entries are now calculated for resources that have been classified “inactive”.



Custom Setting for Bottom Pagination Section

There is now a custom setting to toggle the bottom pagination section on or off. We also removed an unnecessary warning message regarding pagination after this change.

Bug Fixes

Type Field in Credentials Did Not Update

The Type field in Credentials would not carry over the value of the field from the assigned Credential Master. This has been corrected.

TargetRecruit Healthcare

Bug Fixes

Unable to Generate Invoice

Users were unable to generate an invoice due to a conflict with certain transaction line items. This has been corrected.

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